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    Activated - Char
    Activated - Char close up
    Activated - Char close up
    Activated– Char close up
    Image 1
    Image 1: Electron imaging of Activated – Char Showing pores
    Image 2
    Image 2: Zoom in view of pores from image 1

    Image 3
    Image 3: Zoom in image on singular pore area

    Image 4
    Image 4: Electron imaging showing blue dots Indicating the location of potassium (K) within the pores.
    JTS Optimax Biochar Physico-Chemical Analysis and Soil Enhancement Properties:
    Mineral N (ammonium and nitrate) 1125mg/Kg (declaration)
    Total P&K 0.748%P, 9.08%K (declaration)
    Electrical Conductivity 1.341dS/m (declaration)
    pH 9.33 (declaration)
    Fixed Carbon 69.5% (declaration)
    Ash 20.5% (declaration)
    Moisture 8.8% (declaration)
    Total Surface Area 250 m2/g dry (declaration)
    Butane Activity 3.7 g/ 100g dry (declaration)
    Liming 3.8 %CaCO3
    Carbonates 1.5 %CaCO3
    Bulk Density 208 Kg/m3
    H:C molar ratio 0.55 - 0.7
    Moisture content 30%+/-

    Packed Products:

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