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    About JTS Engineering

    JTS Engineering Sdn Bhd
    JTS was first founded in 1989 sited in Singapore; it was a joint venture between two Japanese companies. Its aim was to provide recycling solution for aluminium dross from primary smelters and die-casters.Since 1993 JTS has shifted all operations to Malaysia’s leading industrialized area Pasir Gudang.

    JTS a pioneer industry in Malaysia for aluminium dross (schedule waste SW104) recycling was the very first to obtain the approval of the Department Of Environment (D.O.E) Malaysia for its handling and operations of SW104 recycling. With its technical expertise and experience, JTS is proud to be serving leading national and multi-national smelters in Malaysia. At present moment our production capacity is 1200 tons per month. However so, quality of service, production and environmental care has never been compromised. With a stringent tracking system, all waste (SW104) from point of entry to disposal is accounted for. JTS ensures all Environmental aspects are monitored for with pollution control and monitoring systems in place. Taking care of customers’ satisfaction, security and environmental liabilities.

    JTS’s own waste mostly aluminium oxide (SW501) is sent to Kualiti Alam Sdn Bhd for off-site treatment. Constant research has also allowed Aluminium oxide (SW501) with the proper approvals to be used for special cement making.