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    About JTS Optimax

    Agriculture Biomass is an under-utilized by-product in huge quantities from the food-agri industry. With the right technology, Agriculture Biomass can be reused in the agriculture and energy markets.
    JTS Optimax has designed and patented a process in which Agricultural Biomass can be converted to Activated-char (“AC”), a soil conditioner that can improve soil quality, reduce fertilizer use and produce electricity. JTS Optimax’s patented technology allows for the heavy reduction of green house gas emissions, the production of an agriculturally useful product and generation of electricity, all in one process.

    JTS Optimax Strategic Direction

    JTS Optimax has a operational pilot plant in Johor, Malaysia and is planning to build a large scale commercial plant to produce 1680 MT of Activated-char per annum while generating 5MW of electricity (10%) for both internal use and for sale back to the power grid (90%). The goal is to generate a total of 75Mwh with 15 (5MWh) plants across the country.


    To build technologies and information transparency. Providing holistic benefits to the community and environment we live in, while implementing waste prevention, environmental protection,  resource preservation & sustainable economic growth.
    Mission Mission
    Re-Greening And Reducing Carbon Footprint of Agriculture Sector:
    To provide a close loop Biomass recycling technology and service with holistic benefits to the community and environment we live in:
    • Provide Upstream and Down stream infrastructure solutions
    • Provide traceability and transparency
    • Reducing National greenhouse gas emissions

    Key Appointment Holders

    Mr.Ramkripal Pandey, Founder

    A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Ramkripal Pandey has over 32 years of experience in environmental care and the circular economy. The 2 companies he has co-founded, TES- AMM and JTS Engineering Sdn. Bhd., each handles a different segment of the recycling industry, such as e-waste and Aluminum Dross. TES-AMM is now a global giant in e-waste management and treatment, with an unprecedented presence of 39 locations across 4 continents, and in major countries as Australia, Singapore, China, America, United Kingdom and Japan. JTS Engineering is the current market leader in Aluminum Dross Management in Malaysia, providing solutions for Aluminum Smelters and producers.
    In line with his philosophy of sustainable economic development, Mr. Pandey co-created JTS Optimax Pte. Ltd. and Taiyo Biomass Group to help resolve the regional transboundary haze issue with an ethical business approach. Solutions and product lines have now been developed to handle the ever-growing agricultural waste in the region, while providing raw materials for chemical, energy and agriculture.

    Other Key Appointments held:

    Member of (P.A.C.E) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to Represent TES-AMM with regards to e-waste management and recycling.
    Research Team

    Research Team


    Nirezh Pandey

    A Bachelor of Business majored in International Business from James Cook University, Nirezh has been in JTS ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. since 2015 and is one of the main members in setting up Taiyo Biomass Sdn. Bhd. and currently oversees upstream supply for the company. He manages the Corporate Social Responsibility for the JTS Group and initiated a philanthropic mission to Nepal after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Nirezh is currently researching and developing  potential businesses for the group in Indonesia, Philippines and East Malaysia. He is also the government liaison for the Activated-char project, surveying and evaluating potential sites  and discussing potential research projects with the Sabah government.

    Cheng Chang Lin Jason

    A B.Sc (Hons) in Biological Sciences graduate from NTU, Jason has various research experiences in cancer, stem cell, bioinformatics and microbiological labs. He has major inputs on the fuel switching project for JTS Engineering, manages the quality control of the DEOX product, the supply chain of Taiyo Biomass, and the implementation of a supply chain software for Taiyo Biomass. Jason has managed the chemical analysis and third-party product certification of JTS Optimax Activated-char. His current research involves optimizing JTS Engineering’s aluminum dross recycling method and data evaluation of JTS Optimax Activated-char in agricultural field tests.

    Tridansh Bahadur Pandey

    A Bachelor of Sciences (molecular biology and biotechnology) graduate from University of Western Australia, Tridansh has led JTS Engineering Sdn. Bhd. as its Director of Operations and Product Line Development for 9 years. He is also a Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Waste Management under Malaysia's Department of Environment (DOE) and has managed JTS Engineering’s environmental and sustainability compliance  in the same period.
    He has successfully researched, developed and pioneered JTS Engineering Sdn. Bhd.’s DEOX project, making it the 1st company to acquire the license in Malaysia and successfully spearheaded a project to switch JTS Engineering's main fuel source to sustainable non-fossil fuels in a quick span of 6 months. Tridansh has also took on the role of Operation Director for Taiyo Biomass and oversaw the setup of 3 operational warehouses in East Malaysia and their machinery for Palm Kernel Shell Processing.
    Tridansh was most pivotal at the planning of the Activated-char pilot plant and supervised the construction and commission of the plant. Currently, he is overseeing research in and optimization of Activated-char production, its application for agricultural uses and carbon credit generation.
    Company Summary

    Company Summary

    Company Name JTS Optimax Group
    JTS Optimax Malaysia Lot 227, Jalan Tembaga 2, Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate, 81700, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia
    JTS Optimax Singapore 25 Bristol road, Singapore 219857
    JTS Optimax Sdn. Bhd. Shareholders
    Established 2012
    JTS Optimax Pte. Ltd. Shareholders
    Established 2012
    Paid up capital : SGD 100,000
    Number of Employees 2 on a consolidated basis
    Major Lines
    • PROCESSING Agriculture Biomass for the Agriculture industry
    • Research and development for renewable fuel systems and developing cradle-to-cradle product lines for the circular economy


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